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BeLashii FAQs

How much is a classic full set of eyelash extensions for a first-time client? At BéLashii, a classic full set is $79.99 for first-time clients. How long is an eyelash extension appointment? A full set of eyelash extensions can take one hour and 15 minutes up to two and a half hours, and a fill-in

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Lets talk lash damage

It’s fair to say that when most people consider getting eyelash extensions, ask themselves, “Will my natural eyelashes become damaged?” The truth is, when applied correctly, damage to your natural lashes will be minimal and can be easily corrected with a bit of nourishment and TLC. Most damage occurs when: At BéLashii, we strive to

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Lash sensitivities and reactions

If I have experienced an allergic reaction to the adhesive, can I keep getting eyelash extensions? If you have experienced sensitivity to an adhesive that resulted in an allergic reaction, it is important to know that this cannot be reversed. Even if there has been a period of time you have not worn lashes, the

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eyelash extension aftercare

Eyelash extension aftercare & maintenance

Lash maintenance should be low maintenance. Keep them clean, keep them brushed and keep them touched up!  With our 2-4 week average fill times, you get the most out of your lashes! How do I take care of my eyelash extensions? Let your eyelash extensions set – Adhesive setting time can range from 12 -24

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19 Eyelash Extension Technician “Red Flags”

We are all human. We all need connection. We usually find a person we connect with to provide us with our beauty services and rock with them while not even realizing that we could be cheating ourselves out of experiencing the best services available to us. We do this all while not realizing that we

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