19 Eyelash Extension Technician “Red Flags”

We are all human. We all need connection. We usually find a person we connect with to provide us with our beauty services and rock with them while not even realizing that we could be cheating ourselves out of experiencing the best services available to us. We do this all while not realizing that we are condoning to the neglect and damage of our own bodies(lashes)!

I personally do not believe in accepting the low standards of any beauty professional and cannot justify poor work in any way, other than that it just must be their personal level of skill and capability. Although lack of skill level and capabilities may be good enough for some people, I believe in having high standards in regards to any service I pay for. I enjoy spreading my high standards to my fellow eyelash technicians and of course my amazing clientele!

Below are 19 signs “Red Flags” you should look for in your eyelash technician!

  1. Your lashes hurt or are at all uncomfortable (this includes itchy or severely red eye)
  2. Your lashes are falling out too fast
  3. Your lashes are clumped together
  4. You can feel the adhesive
  5. Your leyelash extension technician’s workspace is uncleanly
  6. Your lashes are excessively turning/twisting
  7. Your eyelash extension technician doesn’t remove/replace outgrown lashes
  8. Your eyelash extension technician doesn’t keep your lashes clean
  9. Your eyelash extension technician rushes through your appointment
  10. Your eyelash extension techniciancannot give you the look you want
  11. Your eyelash extension technician uses heavy lashes
  12. You are not getting what you ask for
  13. Your eyelash extension technician uses cheap adhesive
  14. Your eyelash extension technician is not licensed, trained, or certified
  15. Your eyelash extension technician’s works in an non licensed/insured facility
  16. You can see patches of unlashed lashes or “holes”
  17. Your eyelash extension technician never takes responsibility for their work or always blames you or something else for present issues
  18. Your eyelash extension technician vapes during your service! (WTF)
  19. Your eyelash extension technician tells you, your lashes are too short to lash (maybe for them, don’t give up!)

Here is a little story about when I first started doing eyelash extensions...

I worked with a eyelash extension technician, whom I adored and whose clients also adored her. She had a full client base and her clients wanted to see her and her only. Her clients were loyal and I admired that.

Sometimes when she would be out of the office I would have to lash some of her clients and this is something I soon came to dread. Why? Because majority of her clients had no lashes! Yes, she got them nice and full but she was stacking heavy lashes on top of each other and everything was clumping together. So, everything was being pulled out prematurely or getting stuck on other things causing them to stay attached instead of shedding properly.

This really taught me a lot and it was this experience that made me learn how to help people recover from bad lash experiences and ultimately build a successful brand off of it. I have helped hundreds of women recover from severe lash damage and bad lash experiences.

It is a sad thing to tell someone they can not longer do lash extensions, whether it be because they develop an allergy or because their natural lashes can no longer withstand the extensions. At BéLashii we take extra care in making sure that your natural lashes stay healthy and strong, so you can continue your lash routine worry free.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned issues don’t let it ruin your opinion on eyelash extensions. Do your research and find an artist that fits you and your needs. Not every eyelash extension technician has the same skills.

BéLashii wishes you luck on your lash journey! If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, it would be our pleasure to serve you!

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