Lets talk lash damage

It’s fair to say that when most people consider getting eyelash extensions, ask themselves, “Will my natural eyelashes become damaged?”

The truth is, when applied correctly, damage to your natural lashes will be minimal and can be easily corrected with a bit of nourishment and TLC.

Most damage occurs when:

  • your natural lashes are improperly isolated during the application of the eyelash extensions, causing sticking and clumping
  • an eyelash extension is applied to a natural lash that is too small to support it
  • habits like rubbing, picking, and pulling
  • lashes not correctly placed on the lash

At BéLashii, we strive to keep your natural lashes strong and healthy; however, if you want a style that is longer and fuller than your artist suggests, some damage can occur. If you are worried about damage, you can pair your lashes with a growth serum to keep your natural lashes strong.

Lash Professionals at BéLashii are trained in proper isolation and application of eyelash extensions to ensure the most minimal damage possible regardless of lash length and style, so you can continue your lash routine worry free!

Although here at BéLashii, we take proper care of your natural lashes, this is not always the case with other salons and lash techs. Please be aware of salons that are not concerned with caring for the health of your natural lashes, as some damage can be permanent. At BéLashii, we want you to feel confident that you are getting the best extensions possible and to ensure this. We focus on maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

4 causes of lash damage

How do you know if your lash tech is damaging your lashes?

After years of working with other lash technicians, I believe there are a few ways to tell if your lashes could potentially be damaged. If your lash tech takes a lot of time picking and pulling things apart while or after they are working, this might be a sign that they are not adequately isolating the lashes. Or the tech is pushing everything together while working, causing lots of natural lashes or lash extensions to get stuck together. Alongside the issue of clumping, potential damage can happen when a lash is improperly placed. If there is a lot of twisting and turning, there is also a lot of pulling and bending. When a lash is placed incorrectly on a lash, not only is that lash affected, but all the lashes around it are affected because now it is loose to get tangled up in everything around it. This issue is especially true for volume lashes, which can be disastrous if not applied correctly.

Potential damage can also happen if your lash artist uses a thick lash extension. At BéLashii, we do not use lash extensions over .15 to prevent overweighing of the natural lash. If your artist tells you they are using .18+, this may cause overweighting of your natural lash, which causes premature shedding and lash breakage. This measurement is the diameter or thickness of the lash and not the length.

If you cannot brush through your lashes, this could mean that everything at the base has adhered together or lashes are misplaced and tangled. Misplaced lashes could keep lashes that have shed from falling out, causing them to pull other lashes out prematurely. This problem can also lead to clients picking and pulling at their lashes, further adding to the damage.

Preventing lash damage

What is the best way to prevent damage from eyelash extensions?

The best three ways to prevent damage from your lash extensions are:

  1. Do your research. It seems like there are so many lash techs who take weekend training, pick up a pair of tweezers and begin their lash career. Unfortunately, this training teaches more about sanitation and process rather than skill. If you want to ensure that you are receiving good lashes, it is essential to make sure that your lash tech has been properly trained.
  2. Do not pick, pull or rub your lashes. Sometimes we are not aware of our habits. That’s why I always advise my clients to be mindful of their lashes. If you catch yourself touching or pinching your lashes, realize it and stop! It’s easy to start rubbing when something itches or picking when something feels weird, but it’s not good for your lashes. Instead, use your brush to itch or a pair of scissors to cut instead of pick. If your extension has grown out, causing it to be too long or sit crooked, DO NOT PICK, use a small scissors to cut the extension. It is also very important that your do not cleanse your lashes too aggressively. Use outward strokes when cleansing( base to tips) your lashes and always use gentle pressure.
  1. Don’t settle. Be aware. I know it is easy to find a beauty provider, build a connection with them, and want to stay loyal to them, but in reality, your lashes are being destroyed. If you notice lashes falling out in clumps, move on. If you notice extensions falling out with multiple natural lashes connected, move on. If there is constant twisting, move on. If you cannot brush your lashes, move on. If your lashes don’t stay on, MOVE ON!

If you believe your lashes are being damaged, check in with your lash tech. If you do not believe what they are saying to you, find yourself a new lash tech. Good luck!