Lash sensitivities and reactions

If I have experienced an allergic reaction to the adhesive, can I keep getting eyelash extensions?

If you have experienced sensitivity to an adhesive that resulted in an allergic reaction, it is important to know that this cannot be reversed. Even if there has been a period of time you have not worn lashes, the allergy will still be present. Always be honest with your lash tech about experiencing any itching, irritation, redness, swelling, or other symptoms during the application process and while wearing the lashes.

If any of these symptoms occur while you are wearing the extensions, it is crucial to notify your lash tech and plan an immediate removal of the extensions.

Is there eyelash extension adhesive for sensitive eyes?

BéLashii now has an adhesive for sensitive eyes!

Sadly, as of this moment in time, there are no 100% adhesive alternatives for those who have experienced an allergic reaction. Some clients, however, will find using a sensitive adhesive allows them to continue their lash routine problem free. At BéLashii, we have a couple options for client’s who have experienced allergic reactions and sensitivities to eyelash adhesive and one of them may work for you!

If you have had to stop your lash routine due to lash sensitivities or allergies we might be able to help you get your lashes back!

Feel free to schedule a patch test at BéLashii anytime!


Allergic Reactions

Signs of an allergic reaction

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Excessive watering
  • Crusting

Symptoms of an allergic reaction usually start 12-24 hours after the eyelashes are applied but can start as soon as during application. Please do not ignore these symptoms and remove the eyelashes immediately. Allergic reaction symptoms will not go away, and if extensions are left on, symptoms will worsen over time if left exposed to the adhesive. Using allergy medications can relieve symptoms until removal but should not be used as a long-term solution; removal is necessary.

Most salons will offer a complimentary patch test if you are worried about possibly having an allergic reaction to eyelash extension adhesive. This test can help you determine whether or not you will react negatively to the adhesive.

Clients most prone to allergic reactions are clients who have severe allergies. Although most adhesive allergies are developed over time and exposure to the adhesive, clients who are prone to developing other allergies are also more prone to developing adhesive allergies.

Some clients have an allergic reaction after exposure to low-quality adhesive fumes in an environment with low air circulation. Ensure that your lash tech is not cutting costs by using low-quality adhesive and is using high-quality adhesive near your eyes.

Clients who cannot keep their eyes closed during the lashing process may experience difficulties. It is essential for your lash tech to fan the lashes for one to two minutes after the lashing procedure to eliminate fumes before you open your eyes.

Allergic reactions are common in the lash world but can sometimes be predetermined and avoided. I would not let this turn you away from the experience of lash extensions, as you will more than likely not experience a reaction. Feel free to embrace your femininity with professional eyelash extensions!

Reaction vs Infection

Reaction vs Infection

What is the difference between a reaction and infection?

A lash reaction is caused mostly by the fumes of the eyelash adhesive causing major irritation to the eye area which gets worse over time. Allergic reactions can begin as soon as during the application or up to 24 hours after application. Allergic reactions do not need medical attention but the eyelash extensions must be removed immediately after first sign of symptoms.

A lash infection is mainly caused by improper sanitization and disinfection of the lash supplies or spreading infection from lash artist to client or client to client. Infections can affect one or two of the eyes and usually required medical attention.

A lash sensitivity is when you have minor irritation to the eyelash adhesive which usually goes away within 1-2 hours after application. Eyedrops can help the symptoms desist.